Clay Dixon Continues to Prove Doctors Wrong

11:37 PM, Oct 5, 2010   |    comments
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  • Clay Dixon
  • Clay Dixon at Camp Kemo

West Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Clay Dixon is defying doctors original diagnosis on how long they told him he would live with cancer.

Hanging out with Clay Dixon is not for the physically unfit, or for those who pity themselves.

"Are you excited about life?" News 19 asked Clay.

"It is getting pretty awesome. I've been making a whole lot of friends," smiled Clay.

Clay is a fourth grader now and doing his best to keep up in class despite having to miss some school. His family went to Duke University Hospital last week to check on the tumor in Clay's brain. Doctors say it has not grown at all.

"My test grades aren't going that well. I don't know a lot about what's going on in school," said Clay.

Clay's focused on catching up in school and just being a kid. Meanwhile, his mom and dad are dealing with the grown up stuff. Their monthly medical premiums have spiked about 300% since Clay's diagnosis. Still, they are treasuring every moment.

"They originally told us Clay had a very aggressive brain stem tumor, and the only treatment was six weeks of radiation and then take him home on hospice," said Clay's mother Cathy.

At first, doctors said the Clay would live about a year. That was nearly three years ago.

"The tumor can either grow or it can shrink. It's good if it shrinks, but nothing really matters when you know you can do anything," said Clay.

Clay believes in himself and in the power of prayer. "I need people to pray for me, and I would very much like it if the people watching this would pray for me."

Clay said he does not fear his cancer. He does get very nervous when someone asks him to speak in front of a big crowd however.

When asked if there is anything missing in life he answered very quickly. Clay wants to play baseball.

"They say I can't go into contact sports, but I'm going to go into baseball, I don't care what they say."

Clay stopped chemotherapy more than a year ago and is not currently doing any treatment. Doctors said if certain symptoms worsen he will need to undergo radiation treatment.

To follow his progress, click here.

You can also help the family financially by donating to the Clay Dixon Medical Fund at Congaree State Bank.

There will be a concert and poker run on October 23. For questions and information contact Nancy Price at 206-5655 or Joel Price at 667-0885. 


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