Cambridge Plaza Workers Fight to Get Paychecks

6:42 PM, Oct 18, 2010   |    comments
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Cambridge Plaza Hotel workers claim they have not gotten paid in weeks

West Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Some workers at a West Columbia hotel say their former employer has failed to pay them for several weeks of work.

The employees say the hotel was foreclosed on. Since then, they claim they've gotten nothing but the runaround.

"A lot of people are scared because they may lose their jobs,"said Shameka Green.

Green is not too scared to talk. She has been working for Cambridge Plaza Hotel on Cherokee Lane in West Columbia for 3 years.

But the past 3 weeks, she says she has not gotten her check.

"We were supposed to get paid on October 8th,"said Green.

Michael Glover is in the same predicament. "If I knew this was going on, I more than likely would not have come here,"said Glover who started working at the hotel in August.

He quit after he stopped getting paid. The hotel was foreclosed on weeks ago and a lending company assumed the day-to-day operations.

Former owner Sharif Gandi told us by phone the lender seized the time sheets making it responsible for payroll.

But Green says that's not what the bank told her.

"They keep saying it's not their responsibility. It's Sharif Gandi's responsibility,"said Green.

Both Green and Glover say with no paycheck, their bills are piling up.

"I had my light bill, my cell phone bill and my car insurance. I had to borrow money for all three things because I didn't get paid,"said Glover.

On Monday, a representative handling the foreclosure told News 19 that they are not responsible for paying employees prior to October 4th.

So, we tracked down Gandi to see when he would pay up. We found him outside his other company, Cambridge Ice Company in Cayce.

He told us to stop harassing him because he was busy.

Meanwhile, Glover and Green remain in limbo over when they will get paid if at all.

According to the Department of Labor License and Regulation, if an employer is found guilty of failing to pay an employee, that worker could recover in a civil action, an amount equal to three times the full amount of the unpaid wages.









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