Family, Friends and Neighbors Shocked by Peake Family Murders

6:27 PM, Mar 16, 2011   |    comments
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Sarah Peake (left), Amanda Peake (center), Cameron Peake

Red Bank, SC (WLTX) -- Deputies say a Lexington County man killed his ex-girlfriend and her two children before pulling the gun on himself.

Lexington County deputies say 32-year-old Chancey Smith murdered 28-year-old Amanda Peake, 6-year-old Sarah Peake, and 9-year-old Cameron Peake. Previous Coverage: Man Kills Woman, Two Children, Then Himself

Family and friends are now mourning over their sudden loss.

"How could you ever do that to somebody, I mean," Peake's brother, Josh Hartley, says.

"Who could shoot those faces? They're all innocent parties in this," family friend Margaret Fisher says. 

"It hadn't hit me yet," Hartley says. 

Lexington Sheriff James Metts says the family was shot by Peake's ex-boyfriend before he turned the gun on himself.

"It happened real fast, apparently the shooter had a key to the house because he had been living there and he went in and apparently shot the people right away," Metts says. 

Metts says Smith and Peake had dated since December and apparently broke up over the weekend.

Minutes before the shooting, a friend of Smith's called deputies, trying to warn them.

"The shooter had been drinking apparently all day, was very distraught, told the friend again I'm going over to her house if she doesn't do what I want her to or say what I want her to some bad things are going to happen," Metts says. 

Peake's brother says he spoke to his sister last night.

"It was just, how you doing, are y'all okay, is the break up ok?" Hartley recalls. 

He didn't know he would be talking to his sister for the last time.

"I just don't wish this on anybody else, I don't know, love your family while you've got 'em," Hartley says.



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