Top 5 Options Besides Netflix after Price Changes

4:26 PM, Jul 13, 2011   |    comments
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(CBS News) -- Many Netflix users are upset after the DVD rental and movie streaming company changed its pricing for monthly service.

On Wednesday, shares of Netflix surged even as the news left many subscribers fuming - so much so that they flooded the company's Facebook page where more than 34,000 commenters slammed Netflix for what they said was an unfair price hike.

Netflix's move separated the service's unlimited streaming plan from its DVD plan, killing off a popular hybrid offering which allowed subscribers to sign up for access to DVDs and Internet streaming. Netflix says its hand was forced because subscribers continue to order DVDs at a high rate, a phenomenon that the company said that it didn't anticipate.

But if the move has left you negative on Netflix, you're not without options. Alternatives exist, though each has its own pluses and minuses. Let us know on Facebook page or in the comments section of this story about which ones you prefer - or if there are any that we've left out.

5) Amazon Prime

You can stream movies from Amazon if you pay $79 for a Amazon Prime membership. The biggest benefit is free two-day shipping, but it also entitles you to stream to your heart's content from a selection of movies and TV shows. The biggest rap against the service has been that it offers a limited selection. However, Amazon last month said it planned to add 1,000 additional "free" Prime Instant movies and TVs shows.


With buyout rumors swirling - the latest rumored suitor being Google - Hulu is fast closing in on its one millionth subscriber. This video portal backed by Disney, Fox, and NBC Universal is Netflix's most serious rival and Hulu offers a competing $7.99 monthly streaming service which includes TV shows and movies.

3) GreenCine

This may not be a service that appeals to the masses, but we must confess having a soft spot for GreenCine offers rent-by-mail plans that range from one DVD at a time for $9.95 to eight out at a time for $49.95 a month. Although it's beaten by Netflix on price, the website prides itself on its collection of "independent, international, and documentary films." It admits that some of the titles in its 30,000 collection probably aren't on your radar. "We have the movies you love, movies you've heard of, and a whole library of others just waiting for an introduction." Monthly price: $9.95-$49.95. DVD in the mail: Yes. Streaming: No. Devices: DVDs only. Perks: Lots of independent, international, and documentary films.

2) Blockbuster

Blockbuster, now owned by Dish Network, lets you order discs from Blockbuster by Mail, whose pricing includes $11.99, $16.99 and $19.99 offers. The company's claims that it receives "many new releases available 28 days before Netflix and Redbox." It also offers games and Blu-ray rentals for no extra fee. Biggest negative: No streaming (yet).

1) Redbox

There's no streaming, but you can rent DVDs for a buck (Blu-ray discs cost $1.50, and games another 50 cents.) But if you choose to keep the titles longer than a day, the meter is running.

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