Baby Born at Waffle House in Wilder, Kentucky

4:44 PM, Aug 31, 2011   |    comments
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Wilder, Kentucky (WKRC) - Did you know that Waffle House really delivers? A Northern Kentucky mother found out the hard way when when she couldn't make it to the hospital on time and gave birth in the parking lot of the restaurant location in Wilder on Monday morning.

It's Alexandra Eades sixth child but this is certainly the first time she experienced child birth like this. She doesn't even have a name... "We're thinking Isabella."

But already she's got quite a story. Sunday night, her mom Alexandra woke up with what she thought were stomach pains. Then in the morning, "The contractions started being consistent and I knew it was time to go."

They got on the AA highway, headed toward the hospital, but the baby had other plans. "I told Brian call the ambulance have them meet us.. Meet us middle, in, somewhere."

Bryan Thurman says, "I just thought about stopping then but I knew they was waiting on me at the Waffle House so I just kept going."

Alexandra remembers, "As we started going down the hill she came out and she was like in my pants and I was holding her but I was in so much shock."

EMT's were waiting for them in the Waffle House parking lot! "They had to put two napkins over her she was freezing to death. I just was so happy that the EMT's were there really."

Robin Thurman is the baby's grandmother. "I was excited but shocked and very worried when you find out your grandchild is born in a van."

Alexandra says the baby is healthy. "She's doing good. I was really concerned cause of having her in the van.. We had joked around about naming her Dodge Caravan."

Robin's suggestion is, "Should have named her Maple maybe I don't know after syrup. She should have free waffles for the rest of her life maybe!"

Mother and child are doing well at St. Elizabeth. Alexandra and her boyfriend Bryan have nine children between the two of them, so it's a large family, and now they've got quite a story to tell their kids for years to come


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