Family: Student Had to Massage Teacher's Feet

7:19 PM, Nov 14, 2011   |    comments
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Batesburg-Leesville, SC (WLTX) -- A family called News19  upset that their child's teacher was getting students to give her foot massages during class time.

The teacher works at Batesburg Leesville Primary School.

The family says it is inappropriate for the primary school teacher to have children rubbing her feet.

"She says she doesn't want to go back, because I told on her, but she don't understand that what the teacher did was wrong," said the student's grandmother, Brenda Norris.

The district says the teacher admits to the situation - and says it won't happen again.

"It's just painful, just to know that this woman would have them touching her feet. What was going through her mind?" said Norris.

According to the family, the teacher picked out several students and would have them rub her feet during class time. That group included their 6-year-old first grader.

The family called the district last week after their child told them she was tired of giving foot rubs and did not want to go to school anymore. They believe the foot massages have gone on all year.

No charges have been filed against the teacher so News19 is not giving the teacher's name.

Lexington School District Three Superintendent Dr. Chester Floyd says they launched an investigation and met with the teacher and the parents and all the necessary actions have been taken, but the district wouldn't specify what those actions were.

"The administration took immediate action. Immediately began an investigation, took appropriate action, rectified the situation, had a follow-up meeting with the parent who brought the incident to our attention. We took very stern and appropriate action and that situation has been rectified," said Floyd. He says the incident did not involved any racial or sexual intent.

The family say it's not enough.

"Her mom taught her to go to school, do what the teacher says do, so that's what she did, and that's heart breaking because now I feel like I'm a victim, my granddaughter's a victim because she thinks she did something wrong by telling on the teacher and she's truly scared to go to school," said Norris.

The district says it is a personnel issue and can not say what actions have been taken with the teacher. Floyd says the teacher is still employed with the district.

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