Spurrier Talks Rings and Other Things

9:56 AM, Dec 1, 2011   |    comments
Steve Spurrier (Getty)
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) --- USC Head Football Coach Steve Spurrier said he would like to see his team receive rings if his team wins its upcoming bowl game.

Spurrier made that announcement on his radio call-in show Wednesday night.

A win would give USC its 11th win of the season, the most in school history, and Spurrier said the rings would be a way to honor that historic accomplishment.

The coach also touched on his team's struggles in bowl games and how the 2011 team might be different from the squad that lost to Florida State in Atlanta at the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

"First night, one guy gets drunk, comes in and gets in sort of a wrestling match," Spurrier said "Then, we had girls in a room. I mean, we had some crap going on, and I don't think that this team has that kind of crap going on."

Spurrier then talked about about the leadership of certain players and how that has taken hold throughout the 2011 unit, which isn't always the case year in and year out.

"You know, sometimes they say 'Coach, you had a great year coaching,' and I say, 'Hey, I tried to coach this way four years ago when we went 6-6. The players just don't work out.' "

"I mean, we coach our butts off to try to get our guys to play the best they can. Some years, it works out a little bit better when you have the quality type players that we have right now."

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