Fort Jackson Clinic Treats Traumatic Brain Injuries

5:56 PM, Mar 12, 2012   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Fort Jackson cut the ribbon on a new clinic treating soldiers with a variety of Traumatic Brain Injuries in conjunction with Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month.

"They get a medical screening when they come back from deployment," said Dr. Marc Cooper who works with the Department of Behaviorial Health at Moncrief Army Community Hospital at Fort Jackson.  "Based on those screenings, if they're found to have a positive screening for traumatic brain injury, they're referred to this clinic."

The Victory Care Clinic is housed inside Moncrief Army Community Hospital at Fort Jackson in a cluster of renovated hospital rooms.

"We have a number of different checklists because their may be things you have that you didn't realize until you read in front of you," said Cooper.  "The majority of patients we're seeing now are coming from other assignments and are being stationed at Fort Jackson as drill sergeants or people who run the ranges here."

The Victory Care Center has been in the works for about a year.

It currently serves 217 active patients.  Those patients can be from any branch of the military because the clinic is a joint care center.

"A lot of times they'll go through the screening they've been putting off or they'll answer questions more accurately," said Cooper.  "We identify it and then give people the comprehensive physical many say they haven't gotten in their military career."

If the clinic feels they can't treat a patients condition, they can refer to a different specialist in the hospital.

"We provide comprehensive case management because they have a lot of different medical needs," said Cooper.  "We have a really dedicated primary care provider to make sure, head to toe, they're taken care of."


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