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Big Fish: 6 foot 4 Inch Tarpon Caught Off SC Coast

11:43 PM, Jul 17, 2012   |    comments
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Beaufort, SC (WLTX) - Most folks who go fishing frequently have a good tale to tell.

Two Midlands men, though, now have one that'll probably top most of the ones any of their friends could dream up.

Bobby Mack of Gaston and Jody Hutto of St. Matthews were on vacation with their wives in Beaufort County.

During the trip, they decided to go fishing near Ladys Island--and just happened to reel in a 6 foot four inch tarpon.

The beast weighs 127 pounds. It took over two hours to bring aboard their boat.

The state record for a tarpon is 154 pounds.

As you might imagine, the men say this is the largest fish they've ever caught.

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