Bond Denied for Brett Parker, Man Accused in Ascot Killings

10:33 AM, Jul 26, 2012   |    comments
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Brett Parker

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A judge has denied bond for the man accused of killing his wife and his friend at the Ascot subdivision in Irmo. Meanwhile, prosecutors have laid out new motivations for the killings, saying the suspect was heavily in debt and may have been hoping to collect insurance money.

Circuit Court Judge DeAndrea Benjamin denied bail Thursday for 42-year-old Brett Parker. Parker is charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of 44-year-old Tammy Parker and 46-year-old Bryan Capnerhurst.

Tammy Parker and Capnerhurst were shot multiple times inside the Parkers' home on Tackeria Court in the Ascot Subdivision back on April 13.

Sheriff Leon Lott said Brett Parker and Capnerhurst were in the gambling business, with Capnerhurst working for Parker. Lott said the two men and Tammy Parker were all friends. Previous Coverage: Sheriff Says Evidence Doesn't Match the Story

During Thursday's hearing, prosecutors spelled out for the first time their theory on why the crime took place. They say Parker was $100,000 in debt, and owed a half-million on his house. According to the solicitor's office, Parker was in line to get almost $1 million in life insurance and $200,000 from a 401 K plan if his wife died.

Officers also say they believe Mr. Parker had two extramarital affairs prior to the killing.

Prosecutors also revealed that a surveillance tape exists from that day. The recording, taken outside the home, does not show the killings, but according to prosecutors, shows Mr. Parker waiting on Capnerhurst to arrive at the home.

According to prosecutors, both killings were premeditated.

Last week, Sheriff Leon Lott said his investigators believe Brett Parker owed Capnerhurst $20,000, and that Mr. Parker invited Capnerhurst over to the home on the day of the killings.

According to Lott, Brett Parker shot his wife first, then shot Capnerhurst. Investigators say the suspect used two different guns, and that he owned them both.

Prosecutors say Capnerhust was shot four times, while Mrs. Parker was shot five times.

Deputies brought in the Secret Service to investigate the gambling operation, and Lott says that probe is ongoing.

Brett Parker's attorney maintains that it was Capnerhurst who shot Tammy Parker, and that Mr. Parker killed his friend in self-defense.

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