Protestors March In Charlotte Ahead of DNC

10:32 PM, Sep 2, 2012   |    comments
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Charlotte, NC (WLTX) -- Hundreds crowded the streets of Charlotte to protest ahead of the start of the Democratic National Convention.

Groups took their message to the street hoping to catch the ear of those who can make changes in our country.

"We're tired of being tired, and we're tired of seeing people get poorer," said protestor Barbara Carrano.

Ricardo Lascarez joined the March on Wall Street South protest to urge President Obama and other lawmakers to fight for humane immigration reforms.

"There is a lot of really good workers, really good people here, that are struggling because of the law right now so I think we need to take care of those people," said Lascarez.

Others marched for peace. Alli McCracken with CODEPINK traveled to Charlotte after protesting at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

"It's time to get the corporate money out of politics and end the wars abroad.  We need to hold the Obama Administration accountable for all the wars he is perpetuating that started in the Bush Administration," said McCracken.

The March on Wall Street South is the beginning of protests in Charlotte around the DNC.  More than 45 groups registered with the city to hold parades and freedom of expression during the convention.

As the parade moved on, police kept up with marchers through the route with medics, legal teams, and organizers close by.

A city spokeswoman said two people were arrested within the parade perimeter and during the time of the parade, but wouldn't specify if those involved were participants in the protest.

"It all comes down to our struggle against the one percent, whether it be the democrat of the republican party, and I think that's what unites us all even with different messages that we're here to profits that all of these issues deal with and we're her for a more just society," said Murphy.

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