Woman Steals Wedding Dress with Child in Tow

11:55 AM, Oct 12, 2012   |    comments
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Fanwood, New Jersey (WCBS) - Police in New Jersery are looking for a woman they say stole a wedding dress, wrapped in a bag she could barely carry--all while a little girl, maybe her own daughter, followed a few steps behind.

"Yes, it was one of the most expensive in our store, retail for almost five thousand dollars," said Sanh Truong, the co-owner of Seng Couture, the store where the dress was taken.

But it's not the designer one-of-a-kind dress the owners of "Seng Couture" in Fanwood, New Jersey are worried about.
It's the girl seen in the video, trailing the woman as she takes off 'down the aisle,' or in this case, the sidewalk outside the store.

"I really feel so bad for the kid, they trained the kid to be this way," said Chamroen Seng, the other co-owner.

Back on September 28, starting at the back door, a party of eight phony customers came in as decoys, asking to try on a gown in a fitting room. While the store's two workers searched the racks for sizes, the thief took off, out the front door, down the street, and right past a surveillance camera.

Fanwood police say they've received several tips about this bridal gown bandit and her young sidekick, but so far, no positive ID, and no arrest. Police are checking for any postings online, offering the strapless, beaded, formal wedding dress for sale.

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