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Your Donations Helping Hurricane Sandy Victims

10:35 PM, Nov 5, 2012   |    comments
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Tuckerton, NJ (WLTX) - On Friday you saw the need to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. News 19 was there every step of the way from Columbia to New Jersey as your donations are helping feed those who are hungry and help keep families warm at night.

"The need is great and it is only going to get worse as the power continues to stay out," said News 19's Andrea Mock at the Harvest Hope phone back Friday.

You saw the need Friday and helped make a difference...donating to Harvest hope to help Hurricane Sandy Victims.

Saturday, Harvest Hope and the South Carolina guard immediately bought food and supplies and started packing boxes.

They planned to send them to New Jersey later in the week. But the need was so large they needed to send the supplies on Sunday.

"We are all volunteers; we provide our aircraft and services to the public in times of disaster," said pilot Greg Stidom.

Stidom and 9 other pilots brought their planes to Columbia and loaded up thousands of pounds of food, water, blankets and coats.

"It's hard to sit on the couch and enjoy a drink or watch a ball game when you know that there are people who are hurting and hurting desperately," said Stidom.

So in less than two days, we were headed for Eagles Nest, New Jersey.

When we landed we were greeted by volunteers, some who were without power and other necessities.

More than one million people are still without power - Stidom says he is thankful for what he has but concerned about the safety of New Jersey residents.

"I am freezing and the sun hasn't gone down and we are expecting lows in the 20's. They have been like this for a week and it's not going to get better for some time and its hard to ignore."

We headed to a school turned into a shelter in Tuckerton, New Jersey.

"We have had about 600 people come through this shelter," said John Kehm, Mayor of Little Lake Harbor Township.  

Kehm says the devastation was heartbreaking but seeing all the support makes him feel good.

"The only way I can describe the islands where we live in Little Lake is like a tsunami hit the homes. The devastation is incredible and houses are just wiped out," said Kehm.

We walked the halls of the school where your donated items will add to the number of things that people need.

"These guys have packed these bags full of essentials and we are going to take them to the front lines for the people who can't make it here," said one of the shelter organizers.

Michael Bossia is a victim of the storm

"I lost my whole house everything, but there are people a lot worse than I am," said Bossia.

A man who lost everything couldn't help but think of others.

"When it hit us I got out of there with the mobile home and I got my neighbor jack and his dog. I made him leave because he was going to stay there and he would have been a fatality," said Bossia.

And now it's time to look forward.

"Awesome job they are doing here and they can't do enough for you. The little kids are running around carrying boxes, it's just unbelievable."

Your donations impacting those having to rebuild their lives in the wake of  Hurricane Sandy.  

If you would like to donate CLICK HERE.  





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