Richland County Vote Count Completed: Potential Upset on County Council

8:21 AM, Nov 15, 2012   |    comments
Richland County election data is stacked up in room waiting to be counted on November 9, 2012.
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The completed recount late Wednesday night at the Richland County Election Commission headquarters revealed one possible change from the election night results.

According to the previous results, incumbent Republican Val Huchinson beat out Democratic contender Jullie Ann Dixon for the 9th District of The Richland County Council, but once the tally was completed it appears the reverse happened. 

In the recount completed Wednesday night at Richland County, Dixon looks to be the winner with 7,540 votes, a mere 223 votes ahead of Huchinson, who collected 7,317 votes, but none of that is set in stone yet. 

The results won't be official until the State Election Commission certifies them sometime before Friday at noon, at which point the unexpected change, Dixon over Huchinson, will be finalized. 

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