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Harmon's Tree Farm is Open for One Last Season

7:06 PM, Nov 23, 2012   |    comments
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Gilbert, SC (WLTX)- "My youngest son came to me and said, 'Momma, Daddy wouldn't want all of these trees just growing up.' He talked me into opening it back up to sell off what trees we had left," Dianne Harmon, owner of Harmon's Tree Farm.

Since 1975, thousands and thousands of trees have been cut down at Harmon's tree farm.

But Dianne says this holiday season is much different than in the past.

"It just wasn't the same, I didn't enjoy it like I did when he was alive but I think he would want me to do what I think is best."

Dianne is preparing for her 2nd Christmas without her husband Gerald Harmon.

Just weeks before Christmas, Gerald died at the age of 68.

Since his passing keeping up with the farm has been too much to handle.

"Now it is just come get your tree cut it and leave. Last chance to get a tree at Harmon's tree farm," said Dianne.

This bitter sweet season is not only tough for Dianne But also the people who have stood by the Harmon's over the years.

"She does a lot for a lot of people, I just think it is beautiful out here," said one of her employees.

"I know her husband would want every tree sold because that is why he planted them"

The tree farm once saw nearly 30 thousand people in one season and now the numbers are in the hundreds, as they work to sell what is left of a labor of love.

"Everything can't stay the same all the time, I said one day someone is going to ride by and say Harmon's used to be there," said Dianne with tears in her eyes.

Harmon's still has trees available.

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