Some Lawmakers Not Satisfied with Election Hearing

8:09 PM, Nov 27, 2012   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Monday's hearing on what caused problems with Richland County's election left many with more questions than before.

Lawmakers and county council members listened and asked questions for more than three hours and some say they are still frustrated with the situation.

"I went into the meeting yesterday thinking gosh, we gonna get facts, we're gonna be able to find out exactly what happened I left the meeting having felt like I wasted three and a half hours listening to drivel," said Sen. John Courson.

The Senate President Pro Tempore says he has never seen the level of incompetence that he believes happened with the election.

"Conducting an election is not rocket science," he said.

Now with an attorney general's opinion telling lawmakers the  firing of elections director Lillian McBride rests with the elections board, the delegation can only work on early voting, reducing the number of voters assigned to each polling location and deciding if they should turn over their authority of Richland elections to the county.

"County council provided funding for it," said Courson.  "They should be the governing authority over this.  They've got legal council that can oversight this, we do not as a delegation, I think it's a local government issue and we should turn it over to county council."

While some delegation members feel McBride should get another chance and that people should hold off on judgement, Courson thinks a bit differently.

"I think she should resign," said Courson.

News19 contacted McBride, she has declined all of our requests for interviews, but she did tell us they are gathering the information on what went wrong and expect to have a report at the end of December.




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