The Midlands Plays Powerball

11:34 PM, Nov 27, 2012   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Folks all around the city are flocking to Powerball hot spots for their shot to win millions.

"This is our spot," said David Toomer.

At Jimmy's Mart down on Two Notch, more people were buying Powerball tickets than hot dogs. For David Toomer and his wife, Brigitte, buying a lottery ticket is a rare event.

"The only time that my wife and I usually play Powerball is when they have a big one," Toomer said. "Tonight's pretty huge, so we decided to come in and try our luck."

And while there are the regulars, some people are getting their first rush of playing the lotto.

"I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what the process is," said  Yevette Scott. "It's my first time. And I didn't know if I chose the numbers or the machine did or what. So I did both."

At another winning spot -- the Obama gas station which sold a two million dollar ticket earlier this year--the employees are staking their claim to the millions.  They're even willing to share with customers.

"I told my cousins I'd give to them $2 million and for Obama gas station -- 99 cents a gallon. Four whole weeks," said Sadiq Alaqar.

"I'm usually on the northeast side of town so I came all the way to come here," Carol Burnside said of her travels to the Obama gas station, a lottery mecca for some.

In both spots, some had with their numbers scrawled on paper, but many left it up to fate.

"I see everybody else doing the quick picks," Burnside said. "And  I've known somebody who actually won like $2 million and they did just a quick pick."

"When I play quick pick, I win," said Alaqar. "Sometimes $2, $16, $40. Maybe the quick picks are better."

Many are hoping their money for Powerball tickets goes a long way, others buying tickets aren't taking it too seriously.

"Only one number is going to come out. If it's yours, it's yours," said Toomer. "If it's not, that's the way it is."


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