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"It's A Miracle"

5:15 PM, Dec 15, 2012   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Saturday, a group of volunteers spent their day giving the gift of mobility to one Midlands veteran.

"The need is tremendous," said Emannu-Wheel Organizer Jeff Kerby.

What started as a church volunteer project has turned into a year round charity, providing wheel chair ramps for those in need.

"We've had people that can't even leave the house. The people do not have $4,000 laying around to get a wheelchair ramp."

Kerby says he feels that he has been asked by God to help make a difference in the lives of others.

"We are getting people at a time where they need help the most and they need to know that God cares, that God understands their situation and he sent us to do something about it."

This is wheelchair ramp number 40 for this year, but as a veteran himself, Kerby says this one is special because he is helping a fellow veteran, 69 year old Vietnam vet Julius Barnes.

"I just thought I was dying right then and there because I got hit in the leg, it wasn't that bad though because the bullet went through my thigh," said Barnes.

That injury to Barnes' leg eventually resulted in him having to have it amputated.

"It's really rough when you are used to doing things for yourself," said Barnes.

When he found out that he was getting a wheelchair ramp free of charge he says he was overwhelmed with joy.

"I couldn't think of anything to say because I was so glad about it and for a ministry doing work for you like that, you can always thank God for that."

Kerby says he and the other volunteers see building this ramp is like an early Christmas present.

"We are Santa Claus for Mr. Barnes, we definitely are," said Kerby.

"It definitely is, in other words it is a miracle," said Barnes.



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