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St. Matthew's Company Makes Presidential Inauguration Float

9:14 PM, Jan 8, 2013   |    comments
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St. Matthews (WLTX) - At Southeastern Float Company, every crackle and every cut is a presidential affair these days.

"That one's headed to Washington, DC," said Denver Wright, owner of Southeastern Float Company.  "There's a lot of decorations that are going to go on that float that aren't here now.  We're setting the basics up now, but once we get there, the baskets, the quilts, the nets, all that will go on the float."

Wright has been building floats since 1992. 

One of the floats he's working on now will showcase the Gullah culture in the presidential inauguration parade January 21st.

"We do floats. Set up floats.  Make floats for the United States, for everybody, for anyone that wants a float," said Wright.  "Everyone see's the finished product and is smiling and all excited, but they don't know what's going on behind the scenes."

Behind the scenes, hours of planning which colors to use and what extras to include get a float ready for a parade.

The company has sent floats as far north as Delaware and south as Miami.  While California has called, Wright has never made the trip.

"Before a float leaves to go to a parade, they bring them in, pull them down, check them to make sure everything is right," said Wright.  "We look at floats as a ministry.  Some towns we go into, this is all they get."

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