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Fairfield Superintendent: "I want to bring stability"

11:25 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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Fairfield County, SC (WLTX) -- Fairfield County has had it's share of school board superintendents, but one man hopes to make his stay more permanent.

"I've said from the beginning that I want to bring stability to this outstanding district," Fairfield County Superintendent J.R. Greene said.

The residents of Fairfield County, have seen a lot of different faces as superintendent. 

J.R. Green, the current superintendent, is looking to make positive headlines.

"I think you just present people with the facts and very often these negative statements are not grounded in facts. So, the only way people can continue to perpetuate that perspective is to ignore facts," he said.

Green's town halls aren't by any means formal.   Sipping a soda and making jokes is how he engages the audience of parents and students.

"I think that goes a long way towards improving people's comfort level or to attending such meeting and participating when you arrive," Green said.

Vernon Kennedy was born and raised in Fairfield County and has two sons who attend school in the district.   He says he's ready for Fairfield to be in a positive light.

"When we had other superintendents, when all the noise was going on about what was going on and the fights," Kennedy said. "Hearing people at meetings talk about Fairfield, that always hurts.  But, what even hurt worse is when I heard people that were from the county talk about Fairfield."

Green said that although he is trying to change the perception, the negativity that the district has been getting is spilling over to the students.

"Any negative portrayal that you have seen in the media is a function of adults.  It's not a function of [students] or [their] classmates," he said. "You continue to do the outstanding job you're doing and I'll work on the adults.

With half of the school year left, parents and Green are hoping to make it to the last day of school and beyond.

Green plans to hold the town meetings quarterly for parents.

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