Freddie Grant's Daughter: "It's My Fault"

7:35 PM, Jan 14, 2013   |    comments
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  • Freddie Grant (Image: Lexington County Detention Center)
  • Freddie Grant's house in Elgin.

Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The federal ammunition trial for Freddie Grant started Monday.  Grant is suspected of kidnapping missing teenager Gabbiee Swainson but is currently on trial for federal charges dealing with possession of ammunition.

Grant is charged with possessing ammunition after having been convicted of a felony.  His criminal history includes a conviction for intent to distribute crack cocaine.

A federal jury will decide if Grant "knowingly possessed" ammunition. Richland County deputies say while they were searching for 15-year-old Gabbiee Swainson, they found 12 gauge shotgun shells and 38 caliber bullets in Grant's Elgin home.

Grant's daughter, Dominique Grant, 27, testifed before the jury Monday saying, "It's my fault they were there."  Dominique Grant says she purchased both the bullets and shotgun shells while she was living in New Orleans, and moved them to the Elgin home when she moved from New Orleans back to South Carolina.

Monday morning during court, prosecutors showed pictures from Grant's home that were taken during the search. The home was badly burned from a fire that took place earlier and the home was never fully repaired from the damage.

During a November 7th hearing in the case,  law enforcement said Swainson's DNA was found in wine bottles in Grant's home. They also said duct tape that was found in Grant's home was in the shape of a mask, meaning it had an impression of a mouth and a nose.

The jury hearing the case is made up of four men and 10 women (including alternates).  Even if the jury doesn't believe Grant had actual possession of the bullets, they can convict him of 'constructive possession' meaning Grant had the ability to exercise control over the ammunition because it was in his home.

Richland County deputies say they have an arrest warrant for Grant on charges that he kidnapped Swainson. That warrant would be served if/when Grant is released from federal custody.

The federal ammunition charge could carry a maximum 10 year sentence, which could be increased to 15 years if the court determines Grant is a "career criminal" with a violent felony and/or a serious drug offense.


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