Gov. Nikki Haley on Hacking: "SC Should Have Done Better"

8:32 PM, Jan 16, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- In her State of the State speech, Governor Nikki Haley addresses the data breach at the Department of Revenue.

In front of packed assembly at the State House, Governor Nikki Haley said when it comes to data security, the state should have done better.

"The toughest lesson I have learned is that in today's world there is no such thing as absolute security.  That is true for conventional terrorism and homeland security threats, and it is true for cyber-terrorism and cyber-security threats.  It's a hard reality, but reality nonetheless"

Haley said going forward she wants South Carolina to be the most secure state when it comes to protecting it's residents identities.

"We are encrypting all personal and sensitive data. This month we will have completed implementation of two-factor identification for DOR employees. We are segmenting our networks to make sure that our most sensitive information is protected separately and securely. "

The Governor says they have created a new security council within the Department of Revenue; a team of professionals that "will meet regularly to discuss the state of our security in this changing world and constantly update our processes."

Haley pledged that by the end of the process to lock down the DOR's data, that Department will be as secure as any in the private or public sector.

"I ensure that it's not just cabinet agencies, but every agency in state government that is working with our state IT department to provide our citizens the security they deserve," said Haley. 

Before she ended her talk on the security breach, Haley urged everyone who hasn't signed up for credit protection, to sign up.

"To every South Carolinian watching tonight, let me say this: if you have not signed up yet for protection, if your parents have not signed up for protection, if your friends or your coworkers or your neighbors or your siblings have not signed up for protection, please, please urge them to do so. "

You can sign up by March 31st. Signing up will give you one year's worth of free credit monitoring through Experian. Please visit: and use the activation code SCDOR123.

More than 1.1 million of South Carolina's citizens and businesses have signed up for credit protection, either through Experian or through Dun and Bradstreet since the data breach at the Department of Revenue.

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