How Will Richland Pay for Lillian McBride's New Job?

8:41 PM, Jan 17, 2013   |    comments
Lillian McBride
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Richland County's former Elections Director Lillian McBride is set to begin her new role as Deputy Director of Voter Registration and Absentee Services.

McBride resigned January 12th as elections director following criticism over her agency's handling of the November 6th general election.

Wednesday, Interim Director Dr. Jasper Salmond announced he was following a recommendation from the county elections board by hiring McBride forher new, $74,600 salary position.

But where will the money to pay McBride come from?

Salmond says the salary for an unfilled position for an Elections Liaison will cover the cost of McBride's new job.  The liaison position, which came with a salary for up to $86,130, will be removed and its responsibilities shifted to other employees throughout the department.

County Councilman Jim Manning says he doesn't expect the office to need any additional funds to cover the personnel changes.

"As far as this year's funding goes, because there was a funded but not filled position, and them utilizing that and then them, and then the time that I think it'll take them to find a director I don't foresee that they will be coming to, and our county liaison and the administrative liaison to that board had told me the same thing," he said. 

Manning says the new budgeting process will begin next week.

McBride's new responsibilities will include overseeing the manager of voter registration, the absentee service coordinator, and supervisors of records, and voter and absentee representatives

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