Community Members Want Club Crush Shut Down

11:33 PM, Jan 17, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - After a raid Wednesday night at Crush Gentlemen's club, residents in the community are outraged and say the club should be shut down.

Club Crush has had two shootings in two week and more than 140 police visits in two years. 

Thursday members of the Earlwood Community met with law enforcement to see what they can do to shut down the club.   

Resident Bill Manley said, "It is not good for the community.  How would you like to live in a community that has shootings every week?".

Residents are furious about the constant crime that occurs at Crush Gentleman's Club in Columbia.

Shootings, drugs, residents like Rebecca Haynes say enough is enough.

"I don't have a problem with the type of establishment it is but it's bringing a level of violence that is not acceptable," said Haynes.

Hundreds of bottles of liquor, gambling machines and marijuana were found during Wednesday nights raid by law enforcement. 

"This is not a new thing, but it is getting worst, so I think the timing is right for us to have this type of community discussion," said Haynes. 

The clubs crime ridden history has many residents wondering why law enforcement won't just shut it down.  Fifth Circuit Solicitor Dan Johnson says that's not as simple as it sounds.

"We start off not just trying to shut the place down, we try to work with them to get the business under control," said Johnson.

Johnson says they have two choices: stop what they're doing or face legal action.

"Based on the things that have occurred thus far, there will be a letter asking this business to abate. If they fail to abate then we will get them in the court room."

But residents want Club Crush shut down now.

"They can't run a business that is safe for the people going to their business and for the people around them, so I do think they should be shut down, " said Haynes. 

According to the Richland County Sheriff's Department, the club is still able to be open and operate. 

Community members say they are going to work with solicitor Dan Johnson and Sheriff Lott to change that.







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