Squirrels Take Over Homeowner's Attic

6:55 PM, Jan 18, 2013   |    comments
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Winnsboro, SC (WLTX) -- A Winnsboro woman says she can't sleep because of a squirrel infestation.

Davie Johnson, 76, says there's nothing she can do on her limited income after squirrels taken over her attic space. She called News 19 On Your Side trying to get some help.

"I just need some help, from anyone who can help me."

Davie Johnson will be the first to tell you, a good home is only as good as the neighbors around you.

"There was an older person that lived there. An older person lived there," said Johnson.

But she'll also tell you, sometimes your neighbors, can in fact be unwanted guests.

"Well, I have some squirrels that seem like they want to move in with me."

Johnson has not just a few Squirrels living with her, but dozens.

"I've never seen as many squirrels in the city limit," said Johnson. "As I've seen here, right around in here."

The four legged foes have forced their way into her attic. Chewing through wires, running in the ceilings, and keeping her awake at night.

"It's not comfortable. There was one occasion where one dropped through my bedroom closet."

While she tries to stay in good spirits about the infestation upstairs, the retired widow says she can't afford the removal, and is asking for anyone's help finding her new neighbors a new place to call home.

"I know there can be problems, sicknesses from these types of things. So that's why I've been trying to get some assistance."

Since Johnson called to tell us about her problem, News 19 has reached out to Ark Animal Removal in Columbia. They tell us they will head out to her home on Monday to assess the situation and hopefully get Mrs. Johnson some help.

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