Wintry Mix Possible for Friday?

10:49 PM, Jan 23, 2013   |    comments
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(WLTX) - Cold temperatures and possible moisture in the air could bring a wintry mix to the Midlands on Friday.

News19 Chief Meteorologist Jim Gandy says a surge of cold air continues to move through the middle of the country, and will ease through the Southeast Thursday.

Locally, skies will remain clear until Friday morning, when we'll see an increase in clouds. At the same time, a weak disturbance is expected to move through the region as well, bringing with it some moisture.

What will this mean? To our west, Atlanta is forecast to get a wintry mix, but the potential for that kind of weather here is uncertain. As always, timing will be key. If rain arrives earlier on Friday, the clouds could prevent heating, making it more likely the wintry preciptiation to form; if it arrives later, the air would likely be too warm, and we would see rain.

A third option is that the system could dry out before it reaches central South Carolina.

Regardless of what scenario plays out, the Midlands is not looking at a situation where any accumulation of either sleet, freezing rain, or snow would take place.

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