SC House Votes to Reject Health Benefits Exchange

9:55 PM, Jan 23, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Governor Nikki Haley has already said the state will opt out of the Federal Affordable Health Care Act,but state lawmakers say the verdict should come from them as well.

The house voted Wednesday to not create or run a health benefits exchange.

"In the federal Affordable Care Act, they made a provision that they would accept an answer of yes or no from the executive branch of all the states and that's fine based on the timelines and things that they needed.  However, from South Carolina's perspective, if we're gonna have a health insurance policy, and this is clearly a health insurance policy decision, it needs to be made by the policy body, that's the general assembly," said Florence County Rep. Kris Crawford, a sponsor of the bill.

Opponents say the move wasn't necessary, and further deprives south carolinians from health insurance.

"They put lipstick on a pig and they made sure that they are gonna be able to show people that the general assembly's going to tell Obama no, and it's gonna tell the people in South Carolina that need health insurance no," said Rep. Todd Rutherford, a Richland Democrat.  "When they haven't thought about it, they haven't read the bill they don't understand it

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