Bill Could Make Moped DUI a Crime

7:12 PM, Jan 31, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Driving under the influence on a moped could soon come with consequences.

Lawmakers have proposed a bill that would make mopeds a motor vehicle under DUI laws.

Representative Eddie Tallon of Spartanburg County, says cases have been thrown out of court because laws currently carry an exemption for mopeds.

He says if people can be charged for driving lawn mowers and golf carts under the influence, so should those who drive moped.

"There's no question there's a danger, not only to the people, some people want to say that the only thing a moped driver hurts is himself, but that's not true. Moped drivers can hurt other people. They can cause accidents, people swerve to miss them, so it's a very dangerous situation if they're driving under the influence on a moped, and they need to be charged with it. It's just as simple as that," said Tallon.

The bill is expected to come up for debate on the House floor next week. 

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