Deputies: Child Had Roach in Ear; Adults Arrested

12:01 PM, Feb 15, 2013   |    comments
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Beverly Hills, Florida (WTSP) - Two people have been arrested in Citrus County after a 9-year-old in their care was found with a cockroach in his ear.
"As the children were getting in the car, I noticed he was marching out a young man and young woman," said Paulie Sullo.
The long-time area resident was recounting what she saw on Thursday morning as a Citrus County Sheriff's deputy hauled Christina and Robert Forbes to jail.
Police say the child was living in substandard conditions at their home along East Lemon Drive in the town of Beverly Hills.
Investigators were tipped off to problems at home after a school nurse noticed their child had a roach in his ear last September. In another incident, school officials noticed more roaches crawling in the child's backpack.

According to the Citrus County Sheriff Department, the child reeked of cat urine, wore the same pull-ups to school on multiple occasions and was denied needed medication. The child's teachers routinely gave him food and helped clean him. 
People who live in the neighborhood said there were signs that something was wrong because he was never allowed outside the house to play with other children.
"We would open the door and you would see him in the window pounding... literally pounding (on the window)," said neighbor Angelica Perez.
Christina and Robert were taken to the Citrus County jail and held on $5,000 bond, while the child was placed in alternative care.



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