Congressman James Clyburn Supports Elizabeth Colbert Busch for Congress

4:36 PM, Feb 16, 2013   |    comments
Elizabeth Colbert-Busch (Image: Clemson University)
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Charleston, SC (WLTX) - South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn announced Saturday afternoon that he is supporting the candidacy of Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch for the Congressional seat representing District 1.

Wearing a pink shirt as a symbol of Colbert Busch's candidacy, Clyburn said, ""You know how important it is for us to put...more women in office. There is a movement afoot...there is a strange undercurrent afoot in this country that we must be very careful about. We see attempts being camouflaged under all kinds of ideas and with all kinds of names to attempt to turn the clock back."

Congressman Clyburn also went on to say that if there were more women in Congress, the Violence Against Women Act may be able to get through Congress. 

"We can't get a majority of the United States House of Representatives to approve that bill and move that forward. That's another reason why we need to get more women in Congress," said Clyburn.

Colbert Busch, who has applauded Clyburn's championing of education, Social Security and Medicare said "To have (you) endorse me...means a tremendous amount to me and I can't thank you enough. I am looking forward to working with you on Capitol Hill."


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