Billboard Advertises Need for Kidney Donor

7:16 PM, Feb 19, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A woman in Columbia who watched her mother and grandfather die from a kidney disease is now fighting the same disease and looking for a kidney.

"I found out in October of 2011," said Kelly Fenzel.  "It's just a rollercoaster.  When someone's being tested, you're way up.  Then the anxiety sets in waiting for their testing to finish."

Fenzel has Polycystic Kidney Disease.  She looked for donors on her Facebook page 'Have2 Give 1'.

"At this point we've exhausted all of our donors," said Kelly's daughter Lindsay McGuire.  "We've had family and friends come forward.  So far, about 10 people have gone through the complete testing process and we don't have any prospects."

When McGuire too was not a match for her mom, she set out to find one.

"We've taken an add out in the newspaper and to date, no luck," said McGuire.

"You have to move forward when someone has been marked off the list so to speak," Fenzel adds.  "You have to look for ways to keep generating interest."

A friend of Fenzel's who wasn't a donor match decided a billboard might be the answer to finding her friend a kidney.

"Nothing seemed to be getting the attention we needed for Kelly to be able to get a kidney," said Marsha Huntington.  "So many people live with just one kidney and while there is so much involved in it, when it gets down to it, you're saving somebody's life.  It's a no brainer."

Fenzel and Huntington are friends because they both were in the past married to Lindsay's father.  The three say while the friendship might be unique, the circumstances have brought these women together.

"I'm lucky because I have my support," said Fenzel.  "My team." 

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