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SCSU Trustees: "We Need To Stay The Course"

7:23 PM, Feb 21, 2013   |    comments
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Orangeburg, SC (WLTX) -- South Carolina State voted Thusday to continue searching for a new school president, but the decision didn't go over well with some students.

SC State Trustees made a motion to discontinue the president search that would move Dr. Cynthia Warrick from interim to full time President; however, they ultimately voted to proceed as planned.

Trustee Jackie Epps said, "I think we need to stay the course and we need to put every effort into finding the best possible President for the University."

Another trustee said, "If she becomes the President in a suspended environment, there will always be those that question how she attained that position."

The University's student body President Nate Shazier defended the voice of the students to the board, offering up a petition to make Dr. Warrick President.

"We are tired as students of mistakes, that lead to mistakes," said Nathaniel Shazier III. "The students are the top priority at this University. Without the students there would be no board of trustees, there would not be any faculty, there would not be any staff, or President."

Outside the board meeting, the students made sure their own voices were heard, chanting Warricks' name over and over. More than a hundred students skipped class to protest the six to five vote. Not one student News19 spoke with agreed with the boards decision.

"We've had different President's for a couple of years now and we want to keep Dr. Warrick as our President, she is doing an excellent job," said student Crystal Harris

"We feel like we owe it to her to come out and show support and let her know that we want her to be here and we want her to stay," said sophomore and political science major Nadim Harris.

Dr. Warrick spoke to students briefly, encouraging everyone to return to class. News 19 asked her if she was disappointed in the trustee's decision to continue the search.

"It's not me to question. I am here to serve. I think I served well," said Warrick.

The trustees said, if Dr. Warrick is the best candidate in the search, then, "She will be the next President. Simple as that," said Epps.

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