USC Tech Incubator Creates New Startups and Jobs

8:24 PM, Feb 21, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WTLX) - The USC Technology Incubator welcomed seven new companies into it's ranks this week.  The incubator is now mentoring a total of 41 companies.

"The startup phase of a company is the riskiest phase and the incubator helps eliminate some of those pitfalls by being able to focus on the core aspects of their business as opposed to some of the details," said John Denise of Advanced Automation Consulting. 

He started his company 10 years ago at the Technology Incubator and didn't have to worry about things like overhead, office space, and phones.

"That's one of the advantages of the incubator," Denise said.  "It allows a small startup company to have a much bigger and stable appearance."

Denise says his company has created 40 new jobs over the past decade.

 "We now have a system where we have mentoring," said Bill Kirkland, Director of the Tech Incubator.  "We do what I call real time coaching, where any of the 41 companies in this incubator can show up at my door and say 'hey I've got a problem' and then we work through that issue."


Kirkland says he's getting calls daily from entrepreneurs who want the incubator's help.

"We have everything from a patient collaboration technology for healthcare all the way across to web services and everything in between.  We have a cross section of industries here," Kirkland said.  "You've got to set the tone and culture of entrepreneurship and the culture of were here to help you."



For information on how to contact the USC Technology Incubator click here.


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