USC Still Looking For Funding to Enhance Student Safety

6:54 PM, Feb 22, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- With the recent sexual assault of a woman near USC's campus, the university is looking for more ways to keep students safe.

Last year we told you about a student senator who was trying to push for a bill that would add more emergency call boxes on campus.

"With the recent sexual assault, armed robberies that have happened this area has clearly shown that it needs to have a safety pathway," said Ryan Bailey, Committee head of the Safety and Transportation Committee of USC's Student Senate. 

Bailey is still looking for more green to fund his blue light emergency system project.

"We're still looking for funding, looking for funding sources within the city and also with the state legislature as well," he said.

The sexual assault of a woman on the 1400 block of Blossom St was one of those proposed spots for one of six call boxes looking to be installed with the Safety Pathway Project. But they're not using this incident to make any hasty decisions.

"Whenever we do it we want to make sure it is a clean process and not rushed through and make sure that everything is done," Bailey said.  

Other than trying to find money for the project, they're also trying to revamp tried and true programs.

"There are a lot more options in terms of expanding those night time shuttle programs because all these events have happened at night," he said.  

And Bailey along with the campus administration are trying to give students the ability to have a call box in their pocket -- an app on their phone.

"You have your finger on the face of the phone and as soon as you take your finger off, you're prompted to disarm the alarm," Bailey said. "An alarm will sound, be sent to your friends and family, be sent to USC PD, be sent to Columbia Police Department along with your GPS location." 

Although several safety initiatives are in place, the university is trying to stay one step ahead. In addition to possibly revamping some campus safety initiatives, USC has added six more campus police. This bring the current roster to 64 officers.

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