6 Pieces of Meteorite Known to Have Fallen in SC

11:41 PM, Feb 23, 2013   |    comments
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(WLTX) - Last week's meteorite excitement in Russia still has a lot of people talking.

A mad dash of get-rich-quick people have made a beeline to that area of the world looking for a piece of that meteorite. Some say collectors are willing to pay upwards to $1600 and ounce.

And talk of that meteorite has renewed interest of space rocks found in our state.
Six pieces of a meteorite are known to have been found in South Carolina. 

A piece of a meteorite that was found in Bishopville way back in 1843, and it's now on display at the South Carolina Cotton Museum.  According to the museum, the meteorite began to break apart over the tiny Lee County town of Wisacky.

Bits and pieces of it were found scattered about, including the piece currently on display at the museum. Other areas of the state where meteorites have been found include Newberry County in 1844, Chesterville in 1849, Laurens County in 1857,   Lexington County in 1880, and Cherokee Springs in 1933.

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