White House: SC Could Lose $100M This Year to Cuts

1:36 PM, Mar 1, 2013   |    comments
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 PDF Document: South Carolina

Columbia, SC (WLTX) -  South Carolina could lose $100 million in federal dollars this year alone if upcoming spending cuts go through, according to information released by the White House Sunday. 

Read the Full Letter About SC Issued by White House

Sequestration, as it's known, would bring about cuts at a steady pace over the next decade to achieve $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction. They'll go into effect Friday unless the White House and Congress can reach a compromise.

According to numbers given to us by the White House Sunday, South Carolina is going to take a major hit. Here are the numbers laid out by the administration.


According to the numbers, the state's facing $81 million in cuts this year alone. About $62 million would be cut from Army base operations, putting a dent on what's going on at the world's largest Army training facility, Fort Jackson in Columbia.

The Air Force would lose $19 million, and the biggest chunk of that would affect the Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter and Charleston Air Force Base.

Civilian employees at those bases would be force to take an unpaid 22 day furlough sometime this year, and every year for the next 10 years.


Education would take a major hit across the state, losing some $21 million. Approximately $12.5 million in funding for primary and secondary education would be cut, and roughly 170 teacher positions would be at risk. 

Education for children with disabilities would also lose $8.6 million in funds.

Head Start programs would be eliminated for nearly 900 children in our state.  

Heath care:

Several areas of healthcare will be affected this year. Nearly a half million dollars would be lost to help upgrade the ability to respond to public threats including diseases and natural disasters, also, over $1 million in grants that help prevent and treat substance abuse.

There will be reduced funding for vaccines resulting in nearly 2,000 less children able to receive those shots.  

Law Enforcement:

According to the White House, $278,000 will be cut this year in justice assistant grants. That money goes to support law enforcement, crime prevention, drug treatment and enforcement among other things.


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