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City Officials Respond to Questions About $800 Water Bill

11:57 PM, Mar 7, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A Midlands churches water bill is past due since they received several unusually high water bills and they say the city is giving them the runaround.

"Calling, calling, calling on the phone, I have gone down there personally," said Susan Rich, Pastor of Word of Faith Christian Center.

The church says they have been shelling out hundreds of dollars just to pay their water bill.
Last March they were hit with a $800 bill and the bill after that was close to $400. Rich says that's a sharp contrast from the twenty-seven dollar bills that they have paid for years.

"That one water bill was like two years worth of bills and the other one was like another year worth of bills, we don't want to get another one like that," said Rich.

The city replaced their water meter; the church has even put locks on all of their outside faucet and hired a plumber who discovered no leaks.

We showed Missy Gentry, Assistant City Manager for Operations their bills.

"28,000 cubic feet, that is extremely high for this size meter," said Gentry.

When asked did the bills look irregular she replied, "absolutely they do, we have replaced the meter, we have checked the meter for accuracy, if we want to replace it another time I am willing to do that."

We asked Gentry was it a water meter problem and she said, "I do not, absolutely not, but we are willing to check that one more time if we need to."

Rich says they've done everything they can and feels like the city is giving them the run around.

"I don't think we are giving them the runaround, we have replaced the meter we have tested for accuracy, looked for links, we have been out there working with them," said Gentry.

We are continuing to work with the city until the problem is fixed.


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