Nationwide Ammo Shortage Hits Midlands Gun Show

10:16 PM, Mar 15, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - This weekend thousands of gun owners will be at the State Fairgrounds for the annual Columbia Gun and Knife show. 

Since the mass shootings in Newtown and Colorado, gun sellers have had a hard time keeping their shelves stocked with weapons and most importantly ammunition.

"Really in the past three months they have been the most popular that we have seen in about 20 years," said gun show promoter Mike Kent.

Kent says anytime politicians bring up gun control that's an early sign that sales are about to go up.

"This has been a boom time for everybody," said Kent.

The weapon that is the most talked about are the assault rifles.

"Just because these are black and have black all around it, these guns are no different than the ones that have wood on them. There is no difference other than people think these are scary looking because they are based on a military design."

The weapons are a hot item but right now everyone wants ammunition.

"On average some people would want 500 bullets of one caliber and 500 of another one," said Danny Puckett with Georgia Arms.

Last year if you came to a gun show you could buy an unlimited amount of ammunition, but after a nationwide shortage, if you came to the Columbia gun show, you would only be able to buy four packs.

"We are selling ammo basically as fast as we can make it," said Puckett.

Puckett says they can't keep up with online demand and expect to sell seven-thousand pounds this weekend.

"Even though we have put restrictions on quantity to help as many costumers as we can and get everybody some ammo and not all of it, by mid afternoon Saturday we will be out of a lot of stuff. "

Kent hopes that Congress will enhance the background checks for those with mental illnesses. He wants to remind people, owning a gun doesn't make you dangerous to your community.

"We have vendors in here that are lawyers, doctors, teachers, all walks of life are represented in gun ownership and its always amazing to me that people think we are bad guys when we are in every walk of life, whether you recognize it or not, you are dealing with gun owners," said Kent.


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