Isa Greene Sues Columbia Police Chief and City, Claims Discrimination

11:01 PM, Mar 18, 2013   |    comments
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Isa Greene

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - It's been a little more than a year since the body of Tom Sponseller was discovered. Now, the woman fired for the botched investigation is suing the City and Chief Randy Scott.

Isa Greene, Former Deputy Chief for Administration for the Columbia Police Department was terminated after Chief Scott said that she did not handle the Sponseller investigation properly. However, Greene says she was out of town during the first 48 hours of the investigation.

Now she is suing Chief Scott, the City and the Columbia Police Department for what she calls "years of race and gender discrimination.

"Oh, the desk that's a given, that's basic, that's a rookie thing," said Isa Greene in a May 2012 interview.

Back in May of last year, Greene spoke-out about being wrongly terminated. Now in a 14 page lawsuit, she is claiming that Chief Scott and the Columbia Police Department created a hostile work environment filled with "discrimination, sexual advances and favoritism."

Greene says that female officers were more harshly disciplined than their male counterparts and were subject to name calling and lewd behavior from male officers.

The lawsuit cites an August 2011 case that involved an assistant professor at USC. When officers arrived on the scene, they did not see or hear anything out of the ordinary so they left instead of continuing to investigate.

After returning to the scene hours later, they discovered that the assistant professor was found murdered in her home. Greene says that the male officers were not disciplined for their failure to perform their duties.

Greene says Chief Scott over-rode a rejection of a female employee who lacked qualifications because he was having a relationship with the employee.

She also says that males were hired as officers even though they did not meet all the hiring requirements listed on the department website. Greene gave an example of how she rejected the application of three male applicants because they did not meet the requirements.

Greene claims that Scott criticized her for her actions and all three males were hired after her termination.

In the documents she also states that male officers were paid more than female officers even if they had the same rank and qualifications.

We contacted the Columbia Police Department for a statement, public information officer Jennifer Timmons replied to our request in an email saying, "The Chief does not comment on pending litigation."




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