"Geese" Hold SLED's Front Lawn Hostage

9:59 PM, Apr 2, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Our State Law Enforcement Division has a new pair of guards outside their headquarters.

A pair of Canadian geese has made their nest right in front of the forensics building off Broad River Road in Columbia.

"We now have them as part of the SLED family," said Thom Berry with SLED.

But most family members don't get awkward stares.

"They have built their nest in this area, right in front of the laboratory building."

Berry says the geese have been in front of their building for about a week. When they discovered that a nest was made, they wanted to get the geese removed safely but met a road block.

"They are actually federally protected under the migratory bird act."

The act requires permits to safely remove the birds. Berry says in the meantime they have put up a barrier between workers and the geese.

"Sometimes, being very protective, they will hiss at you and attack you. It can be a little disconcerting but most of them have taken it in stride and had pretty good humor about everything."

Having two geese renting out the front lawn of SLED has many officers and investigators talking about it every day.

"Don't know if anyone has come up with names for them yet, whether its 'Felony' or 'Ms. Demeanor' or whatever you want to call them."

The jury is still out if the geese will become honorary SLED Agents.

SLED is working with DNR to obtain the proper documents so that the geese can be removed safely.



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