Deputies Rid Yard of 1,000 Illegally Dumped Tires

7:51 PM, Apr 20, 2013   |    comments
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Lexington deputies clear a backyard of over 1,000 illegally dumped tires.

Leesville, SC (WLTX) -- While most clean up programs focus on litter, Lexington deputies cleared a backyard of over 1,000 illegally dumped tires.

"It just doesn't happen overnight," Lt. Kevin Howard with LCSD said.

Over 1,000 tires were illegally dumped on private property on Fairview Road.

"This probably became a spot that a lot of people found out,  'Oh we can go dump these things and nobody's going to catch us,'" he said.

After getting a call earlier this month from a man who inherited the property the Lexington County Sheriff's Department went to work.

"The Sheriff has emphasized that we want to have excellent customer service, he wants us to have excellent community involvement," Howard said. "Get out in the community, meet the people, one-on-one basis. And if they have issues we need to get out there and help them."

Deputies, area residents, and an excavator started clearing tires just after 8 a.m.

Howard says not only do the tires affect the property, but the entire community.

"Those tires get mosquitoes, rodents that type thing. We're doing a lot for the people in this greater area it's just not one little issue," he said.

With LCSD performing tasks like this, they're showing that this is their home too.

"A lot of us, we live in this community, we live in Lexington County. And we want to make our community safe and nice and clean," Howard said.

The clean up is a part of the sheriff's department's Zero Tolerance For Litter Campaign during April.

They are investigating to find out who is illegally dumping those tires.

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