End of Drought: Good News For Farmers And Consumers

5:50 PM, Apr 26, 2013   |    comments
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West Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The South Carolina State Farmers Market was busting with fresh fruits and vegetables on Friday.

"We are finally picking up, it just started picking up, January through March was terrible, but it is starting to warm up, it is springtime." said Tamara Jacobs of Jacobs Produces.

Jacobs said, "This would probably be our pick-up month for business from April and for now on it should be good for us."

Business is not the only thing picking up, the showers and the rains we have seen over the past few months have also helped this seasons crops.

"It has actually been great for us, we have had an adequate amount of rain, and it was great for us, our product, and for the farmers," said Jacobs.

The South Carolina Drought Response Committee agrees with Jacobs assessment, this week they dropped the drought status for all of South Carolina counties.

This is the first time the state has been drought free since June 2010 according to its chairman Ken Rentiers.

The extra rain is great news not only for the farmers, but for all us who are looking for some homegrown goodness thanks to the showers and the people like Jacobs.

"We work our tails off and we just try to keep product and try to keep our farms going with fresh stuff and try to promote our business where people will come out and buy from us," said Jacobs.

Hope Mizzell, South Carolina State Climatologist, says most rainfall stations across the state reported 100% to 225% of the normal rainfall for past 60 days.

Forecasters are also expecting above normal precipitation over the next couple of weeks.

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