Boy Saved From Drowning By Older Brother

10:52 AM, May 7, 2013   |    comments
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Sumter, SC (WLTX) - In the imaginary world of a boys backyard, 4 year old Frank Phillips is captain of the high sea.

"Frank is always going everywhere so I was just looking around and was like where is Frank?" said older brother Steven Phillips.

Recently, Steven couldn't find Frank and then realized he had not looked around the family's backyard pond.

"I had another feeling of just like, he's really in this water," said Steven.

Frank had been chasing a toy boat when he tumbled off the dock and into the pond. 

Steven put his hand in the murky pond water hoping to feel anything but mud.

"I laid down and as soon as I put my hand in that second time, I grabbed his foot and pulled him out," said Steven.   

Frank was motionless, muddy, black and blue.

Steven is an eagle scout and said emergency training immediately came to mind.

"I was going to start CPR and then I remembered what I learned in church," said Steven.  "I've been given the priesthood, the same power Jesus Christ had when he was on the earth, to heal people and to bless them if it's God's will to do that." 

In a moment when seconds count, Steven prayed.

"I said the words 'be healed', and as soon as I said that, he took a breath," said Steven.

Frank was rushed to Toumey Regional Medical Center and later released.  He is back and home with his family and has made a full recovery.


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