Thousands of Tires Illegally Dumped in Ridgeway

10:28 PM, May 13, 2013   |    comments
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Ridgeway, SC (WLTX)- We are on your side trying to get thousands of tires that were illegally dumped removed from Ridgeway.

We received a call from a tenant who lives just 40 feet from where the tires are piled up. Vernon Hudson Jr. says he is frustrated with all of the bugs and snakes in his yard.

"He can't even come outside and play, I had to keep him cooped up in the house and that is not fair," said Hudson.

Two-year-od Aiden likes riding his tricycle and running around outside but just behind his grandpa's backyard is a breeding ground for mosquitos and snakes.

"It's terrible, I mean it's just a mess. I can't believe someone would put that so close to where someone is living."

Vernon Hudson Jr. has been renting his home in Ridgeway from Rose and Ronnie Murphy for about 3 months, if you walk just 40 feet behind their property line you will find tires by thousands.

Rose believes says she believes a former neighbor dumped them there and is frustrated with trying to get the tires removed. She wants her renters to have a clean yard, even if it's next door.

"We contacted everybody that we could to try and get something done and we have been getting the run around, that's why we contacted you guys," said Rose.

News19 got in touch with Fairfield County and The Department of Health and Environmental Control about the problem. The owner of the property is an elderly woman who lives in Washington, D.C. and they don't believe the landlord has ever even seen the property. Jake Gaston is the Fairfield County Public Works assistant director.

"It is a bad situation and it seems like someone has come out here and just dumped these tires for years," said Gaston.

Gaston doesn't understand why someone would feel the need to illegally dump all of the tires because it's free to recycle them in the county.

Gaston says they have been in contact with the land owner and she is cooperating with them to get the tires removed. Because there are thousands of tires Gaston says she will have to hire a registered tire hauler, but Fairfield County will accept them for free.

With summer right around the corner Hudson is hoping they can enjoy time outside and walk out their back door without seeing piles and piles of tires.

DHEC says they have referred this case to their Office of Criminal Investigations for review.

If there is evidence to support criminal charges, that option would certainly be available and the land owner may be able to recover some of the removal charges.


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