Radios at Ft. Jackson May Affect Garage Door Openers

10:20 AM, Jun 14, 2013   |    comments
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Fort Jackson, SC (WLTX) - Fort Jackson officials say their new radio system may be interfering with remote garage door openers of people who live near the base.

The base is in the process of transitioning local military radio systems to a new frequency range the week of June 23rd.

The frequencies that garage door openers use are unlicensed by the FCC, and therefore have no protection from interference. Fort Jackson leaders say some manufacturers of the devices use a frequency that's in the range operated by the U.S. military. (Between 380 MHz and 399.9 MHz)

Because of this, people living near the base may have trouble using their remotes, and in some cases, the wireless controls may stop functioning. The hard-wired devices built onto a garade door on the home, however, will not be affected, and will open and close normally.

Fort Jackson officials said they've heard reports that when Augusta's Fort Gordon made a similar transition, people as far as 15 miles away were affected. 
Other wireless devices operating on the same frequency may also be affected.

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