Richland Co. Helps Flooded Gadsden Community

7:21 PM, Jul 13, 2013   |    comments
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Richland Co. (WLTX) -- News19 told you about a Gadsden community where recent heavy rains have caused flooding. Now the county has stepped in to help.

"I'm happy. I'm very happy so far," Juana Moreno said.

Although Moreno's yard will be water free in the next couple of days, there's still damage to be fixed.


"Once they pump out the water, what about my yard?The mosquitoes, the mud, the road," she said. "So I'm concerned, still very concerned.

Richland County brought out trucks to remove the water from the roads and yards.

But Moreno planned a birthday party for her son next Saturday and it's not looking too good.

"Pool party, supposed to be. Bouncy house, everything. But we have nowhere to put it. Nowhere to put it," Moreno said. "I'm sure if I invite people and they come, they're just going to be like 'Oh no, let's not go.'"

Each truck holds about 2,100 gallons of water, but in just the two hours News19 was on the scene, it barely receded.

"It's so much water," she said.

Richland County Administrator Tony McDonald says the water should be totally pumped out in two or three days.

"I'm thankful that it's going to get fixed, slowly but surely it will get fixed," Moreno said.

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