New Developments In Death of Mother of Four

10:25 PM, Jul 15, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -  Kelly Hunnewell, 33,  was gunned down while working during the early morning hours on July 1st. 

Since the investigation began three suspects have been arrested, two 18-year-old's and a 16-year-old.

News 19 has found that 11 days before the incident, the fingerprint of one of the suspects was found at a burglary scene in Columbia's Heathwood neighborhood.

That same suspect who police say took part in the Hunnewell murder was out on bond on previous criminal charges. 

However; despite his fingerprint being found at that burglary scene...he wasn't arrested.

Repeat offenders have been a hot topic in the Midlands and now Columbia mayor Steve Benjamin has called for an independent panel to look at police procedures.

"This Lorenzo Young character had at least 14 different charges from three different law enforcement agencies; violent offences and never should have been on the street. That was the position of the police department, the position of the solicitor's office. We have to find some way to give the judges more tools, if it's just a matter of course of denying bond to repeat offenders we have to do something and we are going to have this panel look at a couple of these issues," said Benjamin.

We spoke with Toby Ward, an attorney representing a Heathwood resident who lives next door to the home that was broken into.

"You'd like to think that in any event that perpetrator would not be available to do that mischief at that time because on the day of the burglary a crime was committed and that person was involved in the crime and they had already had substantial interaction with law enforcement and judicial. When you are out on bond you are not suppose to break anymore laws and if you do you are put back into the penal system not to punish you but you have shown a propensity to break laws," said Ward.

The neighbor wants to remain anonymous but wants action taken to make sure if someone is out on bond .and they're suspected of committing another crime they will go to jail.

Benjamin hopes to fill the seven member panel by the end of this week.


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