Video Released In NAACP President's Altercation With Police

11:16 PM, Jul 25, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Thursday News 19 obtained surveillance video from the altercation between Columbia Police and the South Carolina NAACP president, Lonnie Randolph.

Randolph's attorney says he was suffering from a diabetic episode at the time and officers should not have tried to arrest him and has filed a motion for the charges to be dropped.

Two weeks ago  Randolph was at Tripp's cleaners in Columbia's Five Points.  An incident report says that he refused to pay for his bill and would not leave the store causing the employee to call 911.

When officers arrived on the scene they asked Randolph if he had the money to pay and Randolph did not respond.

In the video it looks like Randolph is struggling to keep his balance, that's when officers say he jerked away from them. The incident report says he resisted arrest and officers took him to the ground.

The three were on the ground for one minute and six seconds. When officers took him to the car they say his body stiffened up. In the incident report officers say they hit him in the knee and chest in order to get him in the patrol car.

The responding officer noticed there was blood on his lip and asked if he needed to go to the hospital; Randolph said no.

The officer called his superior officer who then called Chief Santiago and City Manager Teresa Wilson. Santiago instructed them to call the EMS.

His attorney Joe McCullough says at some point in the incident several of Randolph's teeth were knocked out. The incident report made no mention of the teeth.

Several individuals signed affidavits stating that they have seen Dr. Randolph have these episodes before, including former SLED director Reggie Lloyd.

"What happens is they get to the scene and what has fortunately happened in some instances is that others who are familiar with his condition has been able to advise law enforcement that he is not drunk he is not being belligerent, he is suffering from a medical emergency and they called EMT and got him the proper medical attention," said Lloyd.

Sheriff Leon Lott also signed an affidavit and says after looking at the video he could tell that Dr. Randolph was obviously acting erratically and in a fashion that he was suffering from a diabetic episode.




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