Mega Millions Winner Buys Dream Car with Prize

5:49 PM, Sep 10, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- It's not every day you win the lottery or use those winnings to change your life, but that's what happened for one Columbia Mega Millions winner.

"Very first thing on my list, I mean I love cars so, gotta have something nice to ride in," said Reggie Brown after purchasing a car with his lottery winnings.

He says he stepped into CarMax knowing exactly how he planned part of the quarter of a million dollars he won playing in the South Carolina Education Lottery.

"Definitely a convertible, hard top," he said.

An occasional lottery player, Brown says he had a feeling he would win eventually, and a spur of the moment decision at the seemingly lucky "Obama Gas Station" on North Main Street in Columbia sealed the deal.

The South Carolina Education Lottery says Brown in the third big winner at that location in the last seventeen months.

"I was in there getting something to drink and said let me guy a lottery ticket," said Brown.

He matched the five white ball numbers in a drawing last week, leading to his trip to the dealership to drop his old ride for a BMW.

"That's my dream car. I always wanted something hard top convertible, let my hair blow," he said.

Now, with the first item on his wish list in the bag, Brown says he has got big ideas to follow.

"Maybe open my own business," said Brown, who is considering opening a restaurant.

And as the reality continues to sink in, he just may try his luck with the numbers again sometime soon.

"I hear your chances are better after you win once so, hopefully my odd are going up," he said.

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