Technology Impacts Policing After 9-11

5:14 PM, Sep 11, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A former police chief from California spoke to a group of law enforcement officers Wednesday about how technology can improve policing.

"Post 9-11, we found out law enforcement agencies had not been taking care of all the technology that's out there," said Rob Davis.  "Respond better to crime.  Respond quicker to crime. And not just to respond, but prevent it."

Davis spoke to a group at IT-oLogy and says law enforcement agencies have incredible amounts of data that with technology, can help better allocate resources to fight crime.

In some cities, Davis says the iPad can show officers a crime scene before they ever arrive.

"It could be that someone whose been pulled over for a car stop is also associated with a homicide that's just occurred," Davis said.  "There hasn't been a linkage between the ticket and the crime investigators are working in another area of the department."

Cayce Department of Public Safety Chief Charles McNair says his city is working to keep their technology current.

"Its hard to link so much with different software manufacturers, everybody has got a different system," McNair said.  "They're upgrading.  We're upgrading."  

He says city leaders want all departments, even police and fire, can share information and documents seamlessly.

"Technology is changing as we're speaking," McNair said.  "Whatever was great when we started this is obsolete when we get through."

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